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Dear Grade 4 Parents & Students

                                       I apologize for update the website lately. I’m quite busy with

the Presentations in class. All groups are presenting well. I’ll post the clip video

presenting in class on web soon. Please wait.

                                          Now I’d like to inform you that I’ll be absented for one and half

month in the second semester till 8 December 2014. I’ll go to Hyderabad India to

continue studying English & Work Shadowing. Any how a retired teacher will come

to instead of me. He’s very kind & calm.He wll be able to deal with the boys well.


   DSC_0419             Tarry                                   

    veerasakdi_le@hotmail.com                                tablomandas@yahoo.com                                        



image016-1    Presentation 4/1







                              Presentation 4/2





                               Presentation 4/3




                                Presentation 4/4




                                      Presentation 4/5



                                         Presentation 4/6


































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