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Dear Grade 4 Parents & Students

                                   Now we’ve come to the last four weeks of this semester.

We still have two more chapters left. Chapter 6 is nearly ended within this

week. We’ll also  have an Exam immediately. All groups have already submited

thier work. Did you prepare your presentation ? Are you ready ? I‘m looking

forward to watch. The best group of Presentation of  each class will  be

announced & shown on this website. Good Luck !

Best  Regards,

M.VeerasakdiMr.  &  Mr.Terry   


   DSC_0419             Tarry                                   

    veerasakdi_le@hotmail.com                                tablomandas@yahoo.com                                        

  cat7_e0      Welcome to Math Zone Games.




    Target Shoot 


  Math Copter @


      school-69     Homework  1 – 5 September 2014  school-69

                    1. Practise & Prapare for Presentation in class.

                    2. Finish homework on page 131 – 134 in Math Book.

                    3. Enjoy yourself at Math Zone Games





























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