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Dear Grade 4 Parents & Students

                          Mid Term Examination is coming close. Are you ready for the Exam ? 

I do hope that you will all pass the Exam. Now I’m also ready flying to Hyderabad

India for  one and half month. Any how I’ll join  Scout Camp during 3-5 October 2014. 

On my missing this website will be temporary closed and opened in the beginning

of  the second semester.  

                          I’d like to share the video clip of Presentations till the last groups. Please

follow. I’ll also  announce the PowerPoint Presentation results on this web. All groups

have performed well and got high scores. I do appreciate your efforts and concern. 


Best Regards,

Mr.Veerasakdi &  Mr. Terry


   DSC_0419             Tarry                                   

     veerasakdi_le@hotmail.com                                tablomandas@yahoo.com                                        



                                       Presentation 4/1

 111kmoving_hippo             Grade 4/1  ( Result )




       cat7_e0     Presentation 4/2    

                               Grade 4/2 ( Result )




    tweety_e0         Presentation 4/3   Grade 4/3 ( Result )




 hallowitch          Presentation 4/4   Grade 4/4 ( Result )



 bootwedstr          Presentation 4/5

                                                   Grade 4/5   ( Result )


  Professor       Presentation 4/6    Grade 4/6 ( Result )



 Presentation 4/8





























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