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Dear Grade 4 Parents & Students

               Hi ! students & parents how are you ?. I apologize for missing

you for a long time. I was quite busy with the English Course. I’ve nearly

finished  the course.I have the schedules for observation the schools and

some excursions. I  have  explored and learnt a lot in India.

              India was a beautiful country, full of cultures & traditions. I’ve

been in Hyderabad for 5 weeks. I could get along with the peoples,

cultures and  Indian cuisine food. I was really happy and enjoy life here.

The Indians were friendly and generous. They had the traffic trouble

and air pollution liked Bangkok.

             The students were very curious and enthusiasm to study all time.

They studied very hard for the better life in the  future. They were able to

speak English  fluently from Kindergarten.The classroom was very

interactive, they use less Internet Medias than the schools in Thailand.

              I always think of my students in Thailand, I have already prepared 

some prizes for the students who has got the highest marks in each class.

This week I’ve posted the Decimals Games, You Tube and Decimals Online

Test for you. For your advantages, Please do it.  I hope to see you soon.






Best Regards,

M. Veerasakdi 

 E-mail :  veerasakdi1957@gmail.com 


cat7_e0   Decimals Games ! 

  1. Decimal-place-value-   


[ You have to follow the instruction using Space Bar & Arrows on Keyboard ]

2. Convert the fractions to decimals



Introduction Decimals.


Online Test


Convert the fractions to decimals [ Online Test]



    tweety_e0   Some Photos From Hyderabad India .                                                    

        Waiting for a bus !

Waiting for a bus         Students in Primary Schools

Maths Class (1)        Maths Class (2)


Demonstration (3)     Scien Class (1)

DSC_0267  DSC_0260

DSC_0278       DSC_0274

Ramoji Film City (13)    Ramoji Film City


 DSC_0314    DSC_0344

  At the Zoo.





































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