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Dear Grade 4  Parents & Students    

                   Now some groups have mailed PPT. for checking

Many  had done well & passed , ready for the Presentation.

Some groups still did not begin ! ( What’s happened ? )  

                     I’d like you to check your mail after sending

1-2 days for confirmation. Hope to see your Group Work


Best Regards,


      DSC05596                                       Ferline

veerasakdi1957@gmail.com                          (Ms. Ferline)   


image016-1                 Example :   Fractions


 111kmoving_hippo  Types of Angles




Classifying Angles Game


 Shell01 Alien  Angles



 2009_animado    Home work Today’s

                         1. Enter: website

                         2.  Types of Angles

                                  3.    Enjoy : Classifying Angles Game

                                                    &  Alien  Angles

                                  4.   Page  82 – 87














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