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Dear Grade 4  Parents & Students    

                    Now we’ve come to the middle of this

 semester.We  have 2 more chapters and 1 project 

left. I do hope that you are ready for the Exam.

                  Today I’d like to explain about  the

Math Project (PowerPoint & Presentation ).The 

students must help each other & responsible

their work.

               You can begin the work after Exam immediately.

 You have to send your PowerPoint  to me  on Mail only. 

 After checking you can continue Presenting in the class. 

The PowerPoint should have 12 slides only.The date line

of sending will be at the end of August  2015.

              The contents consist of : Definition of Fractions,

Types of Fractions (Proper Fractions, Improper Fractions,

and Mixed Numbers) , Converting Fractions and 2-3 Word



Ramoji Film City (9)

 veerasakdi1957@gmail.com            (Ms. Ferline)                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Crushy_bunny@yahoo.com

 bootwedstr Group Work Project


image016-1                 Example :   Fractions


cat7_e0  Lines & Angles PPT.




Lines & Angles You Tube


     school-69  Home work !

                   1.  Enter : Website

                   2. View  Group Work Project

                    3.  View Fractions Example

                    4.   Finished Page 67 – 70













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