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Dear Grade 4 Parents & Students                             

                            As I’ve mentioned earlier that there are a lot of activities that corrupted the 

study time. I’ll try to follow the schedules as much as possible. Net week we’ll have an

examination about Tessellation & Symmetry.Meanwhile we’ll also have the Presentation

test in the class.

                  This week I’ve provided 3 Revision Online for the students. Please

enter & practice for your advantages & profit. I hope that you’ll be ready for

the Examination.



 Best Regards,


       E-mail : veerasakdi1957@gmail.com  

  sc3 http://www.quiz.biz/quizz-714681.html


20Symmetry/index.html   http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/quiz/q60260030














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